Garden BedsWood Pallet Living Plant Garden Wall DIY Project

Wood Pallet Living Plant Garden Wall DIY Project

This Wood Pallet Living Plant Garden Wall DIY Project is simple to build, inexpensive and a great way to showcase herbs, flowers and/or even vine vegetables.

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In a sunny place in your homestead backyard, is a good place for Wood Pallet Living Plant Garden Wall DIY Project.

A vertical wall garden, which stands upward with plants growing out of areas of the slats. It spruces the area up with gorgeous colorful plants that hang over grow gracefully. The wall garden constructed out a re-purposed wood pallet that was heat treated (not chemically treated), . There are various styles of the box; it is up to you on what fits your preference.


Materials and Tools needed for the project:

– Wood Shipping Pallet

– Hammer

– Nails

– Thin wood roughly the size of the back of the pallet

– Landscaping fabric

– Plastic sheeting

– Staple gun

– Potting soil

– Plants

* * * Optional:

– 3 inch eye hooks

– Heavy weight bearing metal chain

Just hang it up on the fence, which may take some time to get balanced, and carefully put your plants in the boxes. Go with different plants and flowers in the soil. Be creative and use old crates as you box to attach on the fence. It can then hold more plants or large ones. Built an open box where you can put two small potted plants in. Or, just have the colorful flowers poke out of the holes so you won’t expose the soil and stems. There are walls with small doors to pour some water when necessary. Mix and match for a brilliant piece of garden work to sit with outside.

There is no need to dig up holes and make a mess. A vertical wall garden takes care of that for you in tightened areas where you don’t need to have home soil to grow plants.

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Melissa Francis
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