ChickensWood Pallet Palace Chicken Coop DIY Project

Wood Pallet Palace Chicken Coop DIY Project

This Wood Pallet Palace Chicken Coop DIY Project is manifcent way to create a create a safe hen house with frugal materials.

Wood Pallet Palace Chicken Coop DIY Project

Chicken that are cared for properly produce delicious eggs.

For this, building a proper coop for them is important and it can be built with recycled wooden pallets. Simply, start with the base using the bottom half of the pallet and build upward. With the pallets de-nailed and then re-nailed, build the walls on all the four sides, followed by the roof, which is slanted.

Measure and sand off the edges so they can match up together. Once that is nailed together, work on the coop’s legs on all four corners to prop the coops up by a foot. Sand to smooth down and fill every corner with water seal to keep moisture away.

The rest of the exterior should have a roof is topped with asheet of steel anda hook to keep the coop door locked when the chickens are inside. Screw in a lock that will hold the hook shut. If desired, before even building the coop, paint all the pallets to the color wanted. Using recycled pallets is quite the project that is very easy to do and necessary for raising chickens.

Looking at the constructed coop, the chickens can easily get in an out of there and will have plenty of space inside. It keeps them warm and away from the moisture. Putting the coop in the backyard to roost or up front to show off the neighborhood is a way of show casing the work and love of farming at home.

How many wood pallets you will need to create the walls:

Back wall – 8 pallets = 8′ x 16″

Side walls – 4 pallets = 8′ x 8′

Front wall – 6 pallets = 8′ x 16′ (leaving opening for door)

Tools and Material to build Outside Chicken Coop:

65 = 8′ Garden timbers

30 = bags of QuickCrete

5 = rolls of 36×25 1/2″ hardware cloth

5 = rolls of 36×50 25 ga welded wire fence

3 = 1x6x8 treated for gate

1 = gate latch

1 = rented auger Home Depot

2 = rolls of 7’x100′ deer netting

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