ChickensWood Pallets Chicken Coop Thrifty Project

Wood Pallets Chicken Coop Thrifty Project

This Wood Pallets Chicken Coop Thrifty Homesteading Project is a frugal way to house your chickens.

Wood Pallets Chicken Coop Thrifty Project

Judy specialises in building chicken coops from scratch out of pallets all by hand. Fortunately she lives near a vinyl company and can get her hands on pallets often enough, like her own supply all for free. Taking apart roughly 200 pallets each measuring between 38 inches long to 47 inches long. Because her husband doesn’t really care for chickens Judy decided to make her own chicken coop.

After a while judy’s husband started feeling sorry for her and began helping lift the walls of the coop.

Key Materials Used:

? 2×6 at 45 inch each

? 1×6 at 47 inch each

? 2 end piece at 38 inch each

? Plyboard at 48 inch by 40 inch

To begin her project judy began with only attaching the 2×6 together to create the floor joust and the wall frame. Also used as wall studs

The 1×6 was then used as flooring and the roof was also boarded in with the same boards.

2 years has passed since the first day judy began building her own coop and there is not many things she would change. Although larger windows would be nice. Deep sea netting was working wonders as a sheet until the cold storm hit back in 2007. Because of the storm judy’s pen was destroyed but she soon got the coop backup to full health by upgrading certain aspects of the coop. To help support the coop better judy installed two runners that she tacked under the flooring.

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Melissa Francis
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