HomesteadingWood Stove Heating Plus HVAC to Lower Cost

Wood Stove Heating Plus HVAC to Lower Cost

Wood Stove Heating Plus HVAC to Lower Cost is all about helping cut costs down from $700 to about $125 (at least those numbers are what happened in the author’s of this tutorial home). In other words, his electricity came down by about 82 percent using wood heat. Isn’t that remarkable? High cost of electricity made him put on his thinking cap. It brought out his innovation and ingenuity.

Wood Stove Heating Plus HVAC to Lower Cost

This article teaches you how to make a wood stove heating system for your home. Sometimes necessity brings the best out of people. The inventor needed it to supplement his HVAC just to cut down his electricity bill. Initially, it was meant to support HVAC but due to its efficiency, it became the main heating appliance while the HVAC is the support heating system.

The idea behind the invention is that the device heats water and pumps the heated water to a heat exchange. It will also push air along with it. The air heats the home and keeps all the occupants warm.

The items used for the invention are Bell and Gosset Circulation pump, ¾ black iron pipe, floor flanges to prevent shifting of the pipe, automatic float vent, PEX pipe and fittings and UPcycled Propane Tank.

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Melissa Francis
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