CompostingHow to make a Worm Tower

How to make a Worm Tower

A lot of folk use a worm bin or worm composter. Some are outdoors others are in basements and garages. Where ever you may keep it composting is a win win for a gardener.
Composting is a great way to use your kitchen scraps and other compostables and turn them into organic compost to put on your garden.

  Compost is full of nutrients growing plants need. All growing plants do better with compost from flowers to veggies. I saw this tutorial for a worm tower and I really like this one because it is right in the garden instead of a bin somewhere.

  You put the tower in the soil of the garden and feed your compost worms and they eat the scraps and your garden gets all the benefits from it without having to lug the compost from the bin to the garden.
Its a neat idea.

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How to make a Worm Tower

Not sure what all you can compost? Here is an extensive list.






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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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