NeedlecraftWorn Out Favorite Jeans: Don't Throw Them Out - Patch Them !

Worn Out Favorite Jeans: Don’t Throw Them Out – Patch Them !

Ok, at one point or another everyone has a favorite pair of jeans that fit perfectly and never want to give up. As they start to become thread bare in some areas from a lot of wear, patching them is an option. I personally, love to patch my jeans with cute bits of fabric and my limited embroidery skills. I find it creative and thrifty. I guess, it is about how confident you are and if you want to rock this look.

You can get creative and use a variety of embroidery stitches which you can find a whole list an)d tutorial of how to make….(Click Here)

Sort of embarrassing yet funny story:
The backside of my jeans became tore on a piece of metal at our local city dump on my day of running errands, unknown to me. Right afterwards, I went to a local (very busy) indoor yard sale and as I bent over to pay for my great finds I accidentally flashed my pink panties to the 2nd most stuck up prissy woman in my small town.

Oh well, I had a good laugh over it later when I found the rip in my jeans and remembered her shocked look on her face. You know what says more about her than me…. she did not even try to tell me I had a rip in my jeans. I do have a great pair of jeans I can now make this project  with. There is always a bright side to everything.

Worn Out Favorite Jeans: Don't Throw Them Out - Patch Them

There are multiple pictures showing the different personal touches she added –

Click below to learn how to patch a pair of worn out jeans:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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