Your Chickens Eggs Whats Normal Whats Odd And Why


     If you have backyard chickens then you probably know there are all kinds of odd things that can be called an egg. Even store bought eggs can have something out of the ordinary sometimes. Did you ever crack and egg and find a double yolk? or pick up and egg that felt like it had sandy spot on the shell. These and other strange things can and do happen with egg production. The Chicken Chick shares the absolute best and most detailed explanation of how the hen’s reproductive system works that I have ever seen even showing a real reproductive track so that we can see the parts and where all the parts that make up and egg are made from the yolk to the white and on to the shell. I was amazed seeing that.

           The chickens reproductive system is like an assembly line on egg making. he then shows all sorts of oddities that can happen in and on an egg. from rubbery shells to eggs within eggs. I didn’t know so many things could happen with an egg. If you want to know what causes some strange thing you see in your eggs sometime this may give you the answer. I now have much more respect for chickens and a much higher appreciation for eggs that are normal but I sure would like a couple of chickens that lay double yolk eggs because the yolk is the best part.


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