HolidaysZombie Christmas - Walking Dead Tv Show Fans will Love This

Zombie Christmas – Walking Dead Tv Show Fans will Love This

_aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaFirst of all, Merry Christmas to everyone and secondly this video is a joke !

Thirdly, this video is joke…..that Walking Dead Tv show fans would get a big laugh from because they understand what happens in a zombie infested holiday season.

Team Unicorn did a lovely job creating this 1950’s parody.

The 3rd section may generate some positive/negative feelings but once again this video is a joke/parody.

But on a serious note: Zombies are unprepared people in an emergency disaster.

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Click below to watch the video:

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Rileah Vanderbilt

Michele Boyd

Milynn Sarley

Clare Grant

Husband – Jonathan Nail

Grandpa – Tom Holland

Grandma – Kathi Holland

Sally – Ainsley Parks

Petey – Tarik Ellinger

George/Caroler – Dave Foy

Zombie/Caroler – Magda Apanowicz

Zombie – Faith D’Amato

Zombie/Narrator – T.J. Rotell

Caroler – Brian Kameoka

Directed and Edited by Sean Becker

Written by Zeb Wells

Director of Photography – Chris Darnell

Gaffer – Erica Thurlow

Grip – Ricardo Ramos

FX Makeup – Arlene Martinez

Hair/Makeup – Keston Ridley

Set Photographer – Mike Sutter

Sound – Leo Nasca

GFX Wizard – Desiree Lundsford

VFX Guru – Dan Scruggs

Colorist – Chris Darnell

Various Music by Kevin MacLeod(

Post Sound Consultant – Sean O’Brien

Zombie Consultant – T.J. Rotell

Wardrobe by Pinup Girl Clothing


Adam Green

Micheline Love (Kiss Me Deadly)

Jeff Parks

Tiffany Ellinger

Greg Aronowitz

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Director: @seanbecker

Writer: @zebwells

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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