Zombies Are Not Movie Characters!


Have you seen people using the term ” Zombie Apocalypse ” while reading  Prepper/Survival articles, posts on Facebook or a in a comments and found yourself wondering what they mean ?



My personal opinion is that they are not talking about Zombies as the walking dead but people who spent their lives in denial thinking that nothing bad could happen to them or find themselves in the middle of a disaster. Simply they did not prepare themselves mentally, physically or stock supplies to ensure their or their families survival.

When a disaster or economic collapse suddenly happens, they become scared, desperate and their will to live by any means will bring out their killer instincts. People will make a choice to either give up and become a victim or they will fight like hell to survive.

Ask yourself this question as you’re sitting here reading this, ” What would you be willing to do to save your children, husband, wife, mother, father…. your family ?”  This is a very deep soul-searching question. I can guarantee if you are ever in that situation you will be capable of  a lot more than your mind will allow you to even think about now.”

I hope a disaster would bring out the best in people and great acts of heroism would come forth ….