Safe & Easy Steps to Paint Glass Table Top

Safe & Easy Steps to Paint Glass Table Top

Sometimes we are bored to see the dull and dreary surfaces of tables. Have you ever tried to give a new look to your interior with changing tabletop or tried to paint the glass tabletop? For providing the upgraded appearance only changing by glass to your dull-looking table, you can change its total appearance. Sometimes you can paint under the surface of the glass tabletop and allow it to show from underneath. This type of change also looks cool and gives a new appearance to your old furniture piece. For changing the paint of the undersides of the glass tabletop, you have to purchase special glass paints. These types of glass paints are available in the small color palate, no matter if your glass tabletop has got scratches, abrasions and any other unnecessary marks on it. Painting a glass tabletop can cover all these unwanted marks easily and leave no evidence behind it. 

Glass Table

If you consider normal wall paints for painting glass tabletop then you can select array of colors according to your desire. In this way, you can make your tabletop to fit according to the interior and décor of your house. 

This is the small guide in which you can learn the easy and safe steps for painting the tabletop without any hassle. However before going into details you can also visit here to check some readymade painted glass tops at a great price.

Steps to Paint Glass Table Top

This guide of painting the glass top is divided into two portions. In the first one, you can learn the steps of painting the topside of the tabletop, and in the second portion, you can learn the painting of glass top from underneath. 

Paint the Topside of the Glass Table Top

As compared to underneath the tabletop, painting on the topside of the glass tabletop is quite challenging. Here are the steps that you should have to follow for having a smooth and glowing table surface. 

Step 1

Gather all the things that you are going to use, such as painter’s tape, drop cloth pieces, glass cleaning products, bonding primer, paintbrushes, acrylic-latex paints, and polyurethane. 

Step 2

Carefully spread the paper cloth around the tabletop and firmly place the painter’s tape to the required perimeters of the glass tabletop. 

Step 3

Your next step is to remove any possible dirt from your glass tabletop before you start painting. You can use a homemade vinegar solution or any other glass cleaning product for this purpose. 

Step 4

Read the label for directions carefully and apply a thin layer of bonding paint primer of the glass tabletop. 

Step 5

Apply a thin layer of acrylic-latex paint on the glass tabletop. Always use pro-grade paint brushes for this purpose. Wait for 2 hours and allow the paint to dry completely. You can apply the second coat of paint if it is necessary or giving a rich look to your tabletop. 

Step 6

Apply three coats of polyurethane with the help of a pro-grade paintbrush. Polyurethane gives a hard, water-resistant and glossy look to your new paint glass table top. Use this material according to the label directions. After applying the third or last coat of polyurethane, allow it to dry overnight. 

Step 7

This is the last and final step, allow your new paint glass tabletop to dry completely. Now remove painter’s tape and pieces of drop clothes carefully. 

NOTE: Allow the paint to set on your glass tabletop firmly. Wait for 2 to 3 days before placing it back on its original place. 

Glass Table

Paint the Underneath of Glass Table Top

Step 1

Maintain the balance of your glass tabletop with sawhorses before starting the painting. You can use soft paper clothes and silk cloth piece for covering the sides of sawhorses. 

Step 2

Gently and carefully place the glass tabletop on the sawhorses. You can also ask for help from anyone if the tabletop is heavy. Remove grease or any other dust from the tabletop with the help of the paper cloth. 

NOTE: You can use any glass table cleaner or homemade vinegar solution for removing the stains of dust from your table surface. 

Step 3

Wait for few minutes and allow your surface to get completely clean and clear before you start painting on the glass tabletop.

Step 4

Carefully read the label for directions and apply the paint according to it. Make sure you are applying the paint 8 inches away from the surface. Are you using non-aerosol sprays? If yes, then use a foam applicator. It can spread the paint on the glass tabletop evenly. 

Step 5

Wait for overnight and allow the paint to set. After drying, remove the paint from seahorses and place it again in its original place. 


Here, you have learned the steps that you should follow before painting the glass tabletop. Doing paint glass tabletop is such a tricky task, so it is better to get help from someone in placing or removing the glass top from the table.


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