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Heal Your Peptic and Gastric Ulcers With Cabbage Juice

Cabbage belongs to Brassica genus plants, which includes kale, broccoli, and cauliflower. Members of the group are referred to as cruciferous vegetables. These versatile vegetables may be eaten steamed or raw, juiced, and fermented.

How To Make a Healing Plantain Salve

Is plantain a banana or a weed?  This is the most common confusion when it comes to plantain. Plantain is probably the most useful “weed” that you can ever have in your backyard.

Make Elderberry Syrup Fast in an Instant Pot

People have used elderberries due to their health benefits for many years. Elderberries contain antioxidants and some believe it may relieve colds, boost your immune system, and fight flu. There’s only several scientific research...

SHTF Antibiotic Alternatives

If you are ever in a shtf scenario you may not be able to find a doctor or a pharmacy with antibiotics. If you have these herbs stashed away you may be able to...