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7 New Health Hacks You Need to Know

Bad health habits can creep back into your life quicker than you think. You sleep a little weird one night, miss your morning yoga...

5 Trendy Living Room Renovation Ideas in 2023

In 2023, living rooms will focus on creating a comfortable and functional space that is also visually stunning. As we all know, one popular...

Most Common Causes of Basement Moisture

Basements are notorious for being damp and prone to moisture-related issues. From musty odors to mold growth, basement moisture can lead to significant damage...

Buying quality items for your home is more often well worth the price 

With the rise of online shopping and the wide array of different online retailers, it’s never been easier to find items of high quality....




Chicken Coop Made From A Trampoline Frame – 5 Pictures

This chicken coop made from a trampoline frame is an amazing way to using reclaimed materials into a covered chicken coop and run. This project...

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Food storage skills

Top 10 Tips for Storing Animal Feed

Proper storage of animal feed is essential for maintaining its quality and ensuring it is safe for your animals to eat. Here are some...

6 Just Add Boiling Water Meals

If you need lightweight meals for camping, hiking, traveling or just to have on hand for emergencies these 6 just add boiling water meals...

Natural remedies

Comfrey Healing Compress

Comfrey has a lot of names that the old timers called it and bone knit is one of those names. Watch how to make...

How to Make Your Hair Grow: Top 5 Natural Ingredients

Hair has a funny way of disappointing us. Many people have unwanted hair on various parts of their body, which they desperately want to...


Canning Homemade Dog Food DIY Recipe

If you do your own canning and have dogs either for working or as pets why not make and can your own dog food....

Canning Cherries in Apple Juice Recipe

  On average, as a very rough guideline, expect to need about 1  kg (2.5 lbs) of cherries per 1 litre (US quart) jar of canned...