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3 Resources for College Application Excellence

Applying to college is a major life stage, one that can trigger feelings of stress. You may feel pressured to write the best essays,...

4 Ways to Afford Big-Ticket Home Improvements

You want your kitchen remodeled, your roof redone, or solar panels installed. Home improvements on that scale can get pricey. And if you don’t...

The Comprehensive Guide to Crafting Your Slushie Mix at Home

In the scorching heat of summer or during a cozy winter evening, there's nothing quite like sipping on a refreshing, icy slushie. With the...

How to Clean and Maintain Oven Knobs and Controls

Your oven may be associated with delicious meals or mouthwatering aromas that fill your kitchen when you think about it. A critical yet often...




How to Build A Functioning Water Wheel Project

Are you interested in building a functioning water wheel? Look no further, as I have found a fantastic project that will guide you through...

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Food storage skills

Top 10 Tips for Storing Animal Feed

Proper storage of animal feed is essential for maintaining its quality and ensuring it is safe for your animals to eat. Here are some...

Canning Homemade Dog Food DIY Recipe

If you do your own canning and have dogs either for working or as pets why not make and can your own dog food....

Natural remedies

Comfrey Healing Compress

Comfrey has a lot of names that the old timers called it and bone knit is one of those names. Watch how to make...

How to Make Your Hair Grow: Top 5 Natural Ingredients

Hair has a funny way of disappointing us. Many people have unwanted hair on various parts of their body, which they desperately want to...


How to Can Your Own Delicious American-Style Piccalilli

Are you a sustainability enthusiast looking for a homemade condiment that's both flavorful and eco-friendly? Look no further than American-style piccalilli! This relish of...

Can I Use Plastic Bottles For Canning?-Home canning guide

Plastic bottles for canning Today, home canning has become more widespread than ever. Home canning is a technique used to preserve food so that it...