CanningCanning Homemade Dog Food DIY Recipe

Canning Homemade Dog Food DIY Recipe

If you do your own canning and have dogs either for working or as pets why not make and can your own dog food. Canning granny has the recipe and the directions for how to do it.

Pamela offered her own advise regarding canned dog food:

Canning Homemade Dog Food DIY Recipe
Canning Homemade Dog Food DIY Recipe

“When I buy a whole chicken to use in making chicken salad or chicken and dumplings, I have, in the past, simply thrown out the little “bag” of “innards”… we don’t eat necks, gizzards, hearts and livers. I got to thinking about this waste, and seeing as we have a new canine member of the family (our 7 year old rescue German Shepherd, Smokey), I started reading up on the nutritional needs of the dog… it seems most (if not all) commercial dog foods contain a LOT more filler ingredients than is really healthy for dogs.”, Pamela said.

This will do a single batch of 6 or so pint jars.
  • 3.5 Cups of Meat
  • 2 Cups of Rice
  • 2-3 Large Cooked Carrots
  • Half a bag of Cooked Spinach or a Handful of Cooked Green Beans
  • One Boiled Egg still in the shell
  • 2-3 TBS of Cider Vinegar
  • 1 TBS of Garlic Powder
  • 1 Cup of “Meat Stock”

You can also check the below vide to find out more:

Old hippy homesteaders: I used carrots, green beans, zucchini, sweet potato white rice, beef I did not cook the meat, I layered all items in a quart jar and pressured canned for 90 minutes at 14 psi you can use any kind of meat just make sure you know what’s in it and you can make cat food too make sure the items you use are safe for dogs I try to do 50% meat & 50% veggies I use no grains.

Reasons You Might Want to Can Raw Pet Food

  • You aren’t comfortable feeding raw but want to know exactly what is in your pet’s food
  • To use to transition your pets to raw
  • Your friend or pet sitter is not comfortable feeding raw while you are away
  • It’s not practical to take raw food while you are traveling
  • To include in your disaster evacuation go boxes
  • To entice a raw-fed sick cat to eat (cooked food has more aroma than raw)
  • It is fit for human consumption

Canning Homemade Dog Food DIY Recipe


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