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How To Make A Huge Bonfire

How to make a huge bonfire that will last for hours. Make sure to build this on a flat dirt in the the middle of a huge clearing.  Stack green logs like you were if you were playing with Lincoln logs toys.

Fill the empty spaces with the structure with split dry firewood. This bonfire will start small and climb to the top in a ten minutes.


It will burn twice it’s height for a few hours.

The green wood log structure will stand while burning and will be reduced to ashes by the time it is finished.


Karl Sorensen wrote about his creation.

It was constructed of fresh cut green logs that were slightly notched at each end. So each log sat in about a 1 inch dip made with a chain saw.

The notches held it together very well, I could have taken a baseball bat to the side of it and it wouldn’t have fallen over.

Second, if you look at the time lapse photos you can see the green logs didn’t burn like the dry split wood inside.

The structure itself stood the entire burn, till there was nothing but embers left.

(In the morning it had burned completely because the green wood burnt that slowly) That’s why we used green wood, so it wouldn’t burn and topple over right away.

And it was surrounded by 2 feet of snow, 50 feet in any direction, so if you want to say it could have spread, that wasn’t happening.

Third, this is the second one we’ve built.

The first one was only 1/2 this height so we could see how it burnt and where we needed to improve.

And by the way, the first one we built never toppled over either.

When it was at it’s height, we stayed back and no one ever got too close just in case something happened.

It was absolutely spectacular to watch.


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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