SewingSew Blue Jean Quilt Blanket Craft Project

Sew Blue Jean Quilt Blanket Craft Project

Sew Blue Jean Quilt Blanket Craft Project is a great way to recycle your old blue jeans into a second functional item on your homestead. On a freezing cold winter night, a heavy warm quilt will be welcome.

Sew Blue Jean Quilt Blanket Craft Project(Sandy In Iowa)

We like quilts. They are soft and warm and can be used along our sofas, on our beds, and outside on the grass for a picnic. They come in many sizes and in many stitches for our own comfort. It can be store bought for it’s easy finished product or we can make them at home. We can take the recycled fabric from jeans and stitch on our own creative quilt.

Here is one way to do it with old pairs of jeans. Jeans will get saggy and soft and years of wear and will not look good on our waist and legs anymore. Instead of letting it sit in our closet, we can take those jeans and make up a very comfy quilt that is just as good as any fabric quilt.

Get an old pair of jeans (or 2, as that is what is needed for this size) that is not worn any more and a pair of scissors. Measure them at 5 in. x 5 in. and cut off 150 squares worth of old jeans. Next, sow the squares in 15 rows of 10 in any manner preferred – sewing machine, needle, or by serger.

For the backside, it is recommended to get an old flat bed sheet big enough for the 10 x 15. It is soft and is perfect to sow on the quilt. Instead of physically sowing it, it is recommended to get some embroidery thread and tie little on the inside corner to keep the two side together.

Like that, a quilt made of denim is completed.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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