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Opening a Beehive First Time in 30 Years

Check out this amazing video on opening a beehive for the first time in thirty years. Doing regular maintenance and upkeep on a beehive is very important for the bees overall well-being.

Opening a Beehive First Time in 30 Years

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Common Mistakes New Beekeepers Make

Bees play a very vital role in the production of the world’s food supply, without the bees pollination of plants would be extremely difficult and would be quite limited. This is why it is very important that beekeepers know how to take good care of the bee population in the areas of the major food…Continue Reading

Beekeeping Tips Learning to be a Good Neighbor

So you want to be a beekeeper, but your neighbors might not approve. This article will help you to be a good neighbor while beekeeping.  There are several things you might consider before you get started with this unique hobby. Just because you think it is a great idea, your neighbors probably won’t, but this…Continue Reading