BeekeepingBuild Observation Bee Hive DIY Project for Studying Bees

Build Observation Bee Hive DIY Project for Studying Bees

How to Build Observation Bee Hive DIY Project for Studying Bees will help set up the foundation of documenting the behaviors and all around health of your bee colony.

Build Observation Bee Hive DIY Project for Studying Bees - The Homestead Survival - Beekeeping

A lot of homesteading beekeepers want to study their bees more closely. Having an observation hive gives room to learn more about bees and see what they do in their hive daily.

The observation hive usually has frames vertically shading so the whole hive can be seen and nowhere the queen can hide. The issue is that, for the long-term, it isn’t good for bees because it’s hard for them to regulate the temperature whenever the comb is not so close together like a natural hive. Of course, a hive looks like football with a thick shell. The visible hive is made with acrylic, which is reflective and glaring, so it’s hard to take a clear picture of them.

There are a lot things you need to create a customized invisible beehive.

For the outer cover, get the following: Strap clamps, gorilla glue, house paint, and two pieces of plywood, at 3/4” and at 1/4.” For the hive’s in-camera acrylic liner, get the following: strap clamps, acrylic cement, masking tape and paper, red paint, an adhesive cork gasket, and two pieces of acrylic sheets, at 1/2” and 1/4.” With the shelves, get more acrylic cement and another 1/4” of acrylic, plus stainless steel dowel pegs and optically clear acrylic.

It sounds confusing, but there are differences.

With certain tools and machines, get a drill press with drill bits, a laser cutter, and a table saw. Additional tools include a paintbrush, masking tape, butcher paper, latex gloves, a dust mask, eye goggles, a glass syringe, sandpaper, and acrylic cement tips.

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