BeekeepingAttract Butterflies and Bees to Homestead Garden

Attract Butterflies and Bees to Homestead Garden

Attract Butterflies and Bees to Homestead Garden

How to Attract Butterflies and Bees to Homestead Garden can be found in these tips that are designed to introduce the reader to the necessary things that every garden should have in order to attract the most common pollinators.

Attract Butterflies and Bees to Homestead Garden

When it comes to building a successful garden, whether it is a flower garden or vegetable and fruit garden, it is extremely important to remember that all of these types of plants require pollinators in order for them to develop and bear fruit or vegetables or colorful blooms in the case of flowering plants.

Plant milkweed (Click here to view and buy) 

Add shallow pools of water

Stop spraying pesticides

Plant nectar and pollen rich flowers (Click here to view and buy) 

Provide shelter – Butterflies, bees and other pollinators need shelter to hide from predators, get out of the elements and rear their young. (Click here to view and buy) 

Plants that attract butterflies: Alyssum, Aster, Bee balm, Butterfly bush, Calendula, Cosmos, Daylily, Delphinium, Dianthus
Fennel, Globe thistle, Goldenrod, Hollyhock, Lavender, Liatris, Marigold, Musk mallow, Nasturtium, Oregano, Phlox, Purple coneflower, Queen Anne’s lace, Sage, Scabiosa, Shasta daisy, Stonecrop, Verbena, Yarrow, Zinnia

Plants that attract butterfly larvae (caterpillars): Borage, Fennel, Grasses, Hollyhocks, Lupine

* ~ * ~ *Benefits of reading the Attract Butterflies and Bees to Garden

* ~ Discover a number of different things that you can do in order to attract as many pollinating insects into your garden

* ~ The article goes into great detail explaining how best to create an environment that is pollinator-friendly.

* ~ The author uses their expertise in gardening in order to present accurate information

* ~ There are numerous full-color pictures that have been included in order to provide a good visual reference for the article

The author of the article was looking to share their expertise on the subject of pollinators. These insects instinctively know how to carry out their tasks in order to help the plants develop properly. Without them doing their thing in fields and flower beds, we would not be able to the beautiful colors and smells of flowers. An important part of the article is the tips for attracting as many of the different types of pollinators in your garden. All of the information is presented in a way that makes it really easy to read and understand.

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