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Jan 18

How To Get Rid Of A Sinus Infection With Tea Tree Oil


If you have a sinus infection Surviving The Stores has a remedy that worked for her. Since it uses tea tree oil which is antibacterial and anti fungal it just may work for you. Check out how she used it.

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Dec 05

25 Uses For Melaleuca Essential Oil – Otherwise Known as Tea Tree Oil


Denise In Bloom website shares twenty five ways to use Melaleuca essential oil  otherwise known as Tea Tree oil to enrich your life. An additional tip – add 8 drops in your shampoo bottle that school aged children use to deter lice from attaching to hair. Now Foods: Tea Tree Oil, 4 oz

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Sep 14

Tea Tree Oil vs. Ringworm

photo credit wikipedia

According to Modern Hippie Mag, tea tree oil will cure ringworm. I am glad to have learned this so if any of my grand kids get ringworm I will know what to do for it.

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Aug 29

Homemade Cleaning Kitchen Surfaces Wipes Recipe


You can combine ingredients and pour over paper towels in a airtight container or pour into a spray bottle and use a cleaning cloth towel to clean kitchen counter tops and other surfaces.

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Mar 14

Antiseptic Essential Oil Recipe For Cuts and Scrapes


Make this antiseptic and always have it on hand for all the times you need to clean a scrape or cut on your self and your kids. This recipe will clean and help to prevent infection.  

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Feb 04

Kill Head Lice Essential Oil Recipe


Essential oils can kill lice and ease itching.without using harsh chemicals. First comb out hair with a fine tooth lice comb getting as many live lice and nits as possible. Combine: 20 drops tea tree oil  15 drops rosemary 15 drops lemon 15 drops thyme Mix with 4-6 tablespoons olive oil. Massage mixture into dry …

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