Natural Head Lice Prevention with Tea Tree Oil


This natural head lice prevention with Tea Tree Oil will be a huge part of school age children and adults not bringing the infestation home.

School has started and already students are sharing their germs with each other. It’s a well-known fact that flu outbreaks spike whenever students get back from vacations. And these sicknesses tend to spread like wildfire, jumping from school to school until entire counties are infected.

While this sounds extremely scary, and it may be slightly exaggerated, it’s still very true. Children share germs when they’re together. Children also share lice, which is almost more scary than the flu.

If you’re worried about your children bringing lice home, this tutorial is perfect for you. This offers an all-natural way to combat lice, so your children will never even get the little buggers. That’s right! The secret to live prevention is no longer a secret.

By using this simple method, you’ll never have to worry about delousing your children, your home, your car, and probably yourself. Using this guide, lice will be running from you!

The secret is tea tree oil. This oil is found in all the expensive lice prevention sprays, but you can save a lot of money by making it yourself. And, using it the way this author suggests, as a quick styling spray in the morning, will save you time and money.

For this tutorial, you will need the following ingredients:

– Eye Dropper
– Spray Bottle
– Tea Tree Oil      (Click here to Buy)
– Detangler (optional)
– Lice Comb (Click here to Buy)

And that’s it! In minutes, you’ll have an all-natural, deliciously smelling styling spray that will also ward off lice.

You add also add 10 drops inside your shampoo bottle and shake before each use to increase the repelling head lice.

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