UncategorizedHomemade Crochet Cotton Washcloths Project

Homemade Crochet Cotton Washcloths Project

This step by step tutorial of how to make homemade crochet cotton washcloths project is done in a creative beautiful blossom stitch. Once you have used crocheted cotton washcloths, you will probably never want to use a towel texture washcloth again. The softness texture and small pockets that holds soapy suds is soothing to a person’s skin.

You can make a simple stitch washcloths but why not kick it up a notch and learn this beautiful crochet stitch that could make your homemade gift washcloths look like you bought them. Use different colored cotton yarns to create a eye catching combination pack.

Homemade Crochet Cotton Washcloths Project

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Pamper yourself with this crocheted cotton facecloth with ribbed stitches that gently scrubs away the dirt deep in your pores. They are soft to the touch, great for absorption and perfect for people with sensitive skin.

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