GardeningCrushed Eggshell Gardening Plant Fertilizer

Crushed Eggshell Gardening Plant Fertilizer

This homemade crushed eggshell gardening plant fertilizer is a great source of calcium for your garden. It is a super boost to your soil which can increase your vegetables harvest.

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Nature has already solved so many human problems but most people lack the right information. It is really true that lack of information is a big deformation. Do you have a little farm or a little backyard garden? This information is meant for you.

If you understand what you are about to read and also get the steps right, you may never spend a dime on fertilizer again! Yes, you may never buy fertilizer again. The truth is no junk is 100 percent useless. When you think any junk is useless it is because you don’t know its usefulness. Can anything be more useless than an egg shell? But do you know that egg shells can be used as a fertilizer?

Egg shells are for free. All you have to do is to separate the eggs immediately after breaking them. If you have neighbors who do not have a garden, you can talk to them to always keep their egg shells for you whenever they eat eggs.

Don’t throw away your eggshells….. add them to a capped mason jar until you are ready to use them.

A master gardener made this discovery after steeping an egg shell in water for just 24 hours. He sent the water to the lab and the result of the lab test indicates that the water contains 4mg of potassium and calcium. It also contains little amount of sodium, magnesium and phosphorus. These are the most important minerals for healthy growth of your plants.

Just go through it and see how you can go about it. The steps are very simple and there are two methods involved. Please don’t keep the knowledge to yourself, share it as soon as you finish reading it.

Click here to read about using homemade crushed eggshell gardening plant fertilizer:


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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