Medical & HealthFind Out What You are Lacking Based On Cravings

Find Out What You are Lacking Based On Cravings

Find out What you are lacking based on cravings. We all have cravings for certain foods at times. I now a lot of women crave chocolate at that time of month. I was one of them and I can save that now I am past that time of month I no longer have cravings for chocolate so I think some of our cravings may be hormone related or possibly we women just need more magnesium at that time.

Find Out What You are Lacking Based On Cravings

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According to this article magnesium is what your body needs when you are craving chocolate. You will find a whole list of foods and what you need if you are craving each one. The list covers sweets,breads, meats, dairy, snacks and even whether you are craving an acid, burned or salty foods.  For example if you are craving chocolate and need magnesium it tells you to eat ”  raw cacao nibs/beans/powder, Whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, greens, fruit” to get the magnesium that your body needs.

This list is from Love Home and Health and covers the basics on craving and what you may be lacking. If you would like to know more about your cravings and what you need check out Constant Craving: What Your Food Cravings Mean and How to Overcome Them. Written by Doreen Virtue, this book explores our cravings based more on our emotional needs than an actual lack of nutrients. Possibly it is a mixture of both. Perhaps being angry or depressed a lot depletes certain nutrients.

No way to know but maybe between getting the nutrients that correspond to the craving along with knowing the emotional triggers can help end cravings for good. 

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Paige Raymond
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