GardeningGrow Some Beetberries, They Come Back Every Year

Grow Some Beetberries, They Come Back Every Year

If you like spinach fresh for salads but dislike the way it bolts at the first warm breath of late spring try growing some beetberries. The leaves are very similar to spinach and can be picked using the cut and come again method of picking a few leaves and leaving others to grow bigger. The plant will set on berries than can be used in salads and taste like beets. The plant comes back on its own like a weed and The Extreme Gardener found out and shared that if fed well the plants produce much bigger leaves. So add this one to an unused patch or maybe they would even grow in containers. Feed it well and enjoy the greens and berries in your salads year after year. I absolutely adore edibles that return on their own. I am slowly building up this sort of plant on my homestead. I love when I find a new one to add. I now have rhubarb, raspberries, comfrey which I will eat if I ever have to, an abundant of organic dandelions, Egyptian walking onions, black walnuts, horseradish, chives, hostas and I will be adding these beetberries as soon as my seeds get here.




Here is a little video on them as well.

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