GardeningHomemade Deer Repellent Recipe that Keeps Them Away

Homemade Deer Repellent Recipe that Keeps Them Away

This homemade deer repellent recipe that keeps them away is a frugal liquid mixture that helps guard precious flowers, vegetables, herbs and even fruit.

Homemade Deer Repellent Recipe that Keeps Them Away

People who live near wooded areas even if it is close to population centers have probably been visited more than once by one or more deer. Unfortunately, the visits from these deer often lead to some amount of damage to flower beds or backyard gardens.

If you are like many who have tried all of the commercially sold products that are designed to be deer repellant and none of them have worked, there is an alternative that has a proven track record of keeping the deer away.

Benefits of using How to Keep Deer From Eating Your Garden Repellent Recipe that Keeps Them Away

● The article describes all of the necessary ingredients and amounts of each used in the mixture

● It also includes an easy to read step by step instruction guide on how to make it and apply it

● It includes several full color photos

This article was written in hopes to help people keep the deer from encroaching in their yards and doing damage to the plants and or flowers. The repellant can be easily prepared and applied to all the areas around each and every flower bed and backyard garden. All of the ingredients are readily available and does not do any real harm to the animal.

BONUS TIP: Have the male members of your family go out in the evening hour if you have neighbors nearby and urinate freely upon the outline of your garden and flower beds.

Click here to read about how to make homemade deer repellent recipe that keeps them away:

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