UncategorizedHomemade Fly Trap from Re Purposed Trash

Homemade Fly Trap from Re Purposed Trash

This simple homemade fly trap from re purposed trash is an amazing design that attracts flies down a funnel that they can not find their way out.

This tutorial teaches how to make a fly (bug) trap at home. These are perfect if you’re having a picnic, want to clear your porch of the pesky bugs, or if you don’t want them around your vegetables. The best part of this trap is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides, which can be bad for plants and are extremely scary to have around children.

Another benefit of this tutorial is that it uses items you probably already have around your house, so you don’t have to run out and buy anything if you want to get this done with as soon as possible.

For this tutorial, you will need the following materials:

– Plastic Bottle
– Water
– Bait
– Liquid Dish Soap

There are several things you can use as bait. The author suggests old fruit or sugar water. However, if you don’t have these items, there’s a list of other things you can use.

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Homemade Fly Trap from Re Purposed Trash
Homemade Fly Trap from Re Purposed Trash

Even though summer is coming to an end, some of its more annoying features are still sticking around. For example, the humidity has refused to leave. In fact, with all the storms happening across the nation, the humidity has actually gotten worse. But, no matter how much it rains, as soon as it stops, the bugs that summer is so well-known for come flying back out. If you want to spend the last few days of warmth left outside, then this is the perfect tutorial for you.

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