CleanersHomemade Lavender Lemon Dishwasher Tablets

Homemade Lavender Lemon Dishwasher Tablets

This easy step by step tutorial of how to make homemade Lavender Lemon dishwasher tablets recipe.

Not only does lavender smell good, it’s a natural antiseptic, perfect for cleaning. For many people with asthma or allergies, homemade natural products are better. Plus, one can never be too sure about ingredients in store-bought products. Whether you’re managing a chronic illness, or just environmentally-aware, you can benefit from making your own cleansers for bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and living space.

Lavender essential oil is derived from lavender flowers, and is cold pressed to remove the oil. The oil releases a highly condensed form of lavender scent, which can be used in the making of many home care and cleaning products. It’s particularly effective in homemade lavender lemon dishwasher tablets.

These tablets are quick and easy to make, and all the ingredients can be found from most supermarkets. Lavender essential oil can be purchased (here). All of the ingredients used to make homemade dishwasher tablets are also inexpensive. You can make a bunch of tablets, and store them securely in a plastic container until you need to use them.

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Homemade Lavender Lemon Dishwasher Tablets
Homemade Lavender Lemon Dishwasher Tablets

Learning to make homemade dishwasher tablets is fun and easy, and your entire kitchen will smell good when you add lavender essential oil to the mix.

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