Natural RemediesHoney Poultice Cough and Cold Remedy For All Ages

Honey Poultice Cough and Cold Remedy For All Ages

Honey poultice cough and cold remedy for all ages can help rid the chest of congestion over night. The poultice is very simple made of honey, flour and a bit of vegetable oil then applied as a poultice on any age above 6 months old.

Honey Poultice Cough and Cold Remedy For All Ages

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The recipe and instructions are shared by Keep Your Body and according to them it can help clear the chest of mucous in one night. I like the fact that it is all natural items and there are no chemicals involved. This is especially good if you will use it on a young child, I like the idea of making them better with honey. They do say to not use the poultice on very young children if they have a skin condition, I am assuming so that the honey can’t enter the body the same as they tell you not to give honey to infants under a year old because it can cause infant botulism.

If this poultice can help with a cough and chest congestion I am sure it will help a lot of folks that are either coughing through the night or listening to their little ones doing the same. I have also heard but not tried rubbing the soles of the feet with vaporub and then putting socks on to sleep in helps with coughing. It is that time of year when folks will be traveling and visiting and passing all the cold viruses around so this info may come in very handy for a lot of us in the next couple of months.


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