CraftsHow to Build a PVC Pipe Organ Musical Instrument

How to Build a PVC Pipe Organ Musical Instrument

How to Build a PVC Pipe Organ Musical Instrument that produces sound by driving pressured air (called wind) through organ pipes selected via a keyboard.
How to Build a PVC Pipe Organ Musical Instrument

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The sounds produced by a pipe depends on the volume of air delivered to the pipe and the manner in which it is constructed and adjusted by the builder to produce the desired tone and volume.

Old fashioned pipe organs can be found in a number of places like churches and old style civic centers and lyric theaters all over the world. These are usually large and elaborate instruments that produce the most amazing sounds. They can be operated using a number of different methods depending on manufactures or creator of the system. Sound is generated and controlled by the length of the tubes and angle of opening near the top.

While most traditional pipe organ tubes are made using the finest brass and other materials, this project shows how you can create your very own pipe organ on an extreme budget. Using several strategically cut PVC pipe and some other basic items you can find most of what you need at your local hardware or supply store. The project was created in a way that you really don’t need a whole lot of DIY skill to complete it.

Benefits of reading How to Build a PVC Pipe Organ Musical Instrument DIY Project

● Project includes a complete listing of all of the necessary items to complete it

● It includes a downloadable and detailed 7 step instruction guide

● Each of the steps also include at least one full color photo that depict a part of the construction

Materials and Tools needed:

1. However many lengths of PVC pipe diameter of your choosing (I went with 1″, however a larger diameter resonates better.)

2. Wooden dowel the same diameter as the inside of your pipe (It needs to be snug inside of the pipe.)

3. Surgical tubing

4. Wooden Clothes pins (These will be your keys and are simply hot glued into place with a screw holding the surgical tubing into place.)

5. PVC end caps (You guessed it, same diameter as your pipe)

6. Sheets of wood for the body of the instrument

7. A hacksaw

8. A drill

9. A screw driver

10. Screws

11. Hot glue (Or epoxy if you’d rather.)

12. Dermal with wood cutting attachment (Optional)

13. Scroll or Jigsaw (Optional)

14. Random orbital sander

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If you want to understand about pipe organ and how to play:

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