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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…for #flawless holiday hair

Christmas is coming up, and we know you will be attending festive parties and dinners to celebrate. We also know looking your best at these gatherings will be a must. But not in that pick-me, try-hard way. Instead, in that effortless, Beyonce “I woke up like this” way.

Here at MelodySusie, we’ve already been holding down the nail care front with user-friendly, high-quality products catered toward achieving enviable manicures.

But did you know we recently added hair care to our beauty roster?

Perhaps you checked out our last blog post on the launch of our new H-S160E Fast Drying Hair Dryer. And now you’re running manicured hands over your credit card, wondering if you should pull the trigger on a Christmas Sale purchase.

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Well, picture this – your friend Rebecca invited you to her holiday potluck party. You decided to bring pecan pie. It’s currently warming in the oven. You’re standing in front of the oven with damp hair and set makeup. The kitchen timer is ticking. The clock reads 6:40pm, and Rebecca’s party starts at 7:00pm.

Here’s how our new H-S160E Fast Drying Hair Dryer will have you slaying Rebecca’s (or any other friend’s) holiday party in record time this season:

1. You save valuable time.

We’ve all done this – cranked up the temperature on our hair dryer to quickly dry our locks.

Big mistake, big mistake – HUGE!

You shouldn’t do that. Fast hair drying doesn’t depend on temperature but instead on the power of the hair dryer motor. With a strong 120,000 RPM powering our brushless motor, your hair dries quickly and efficiently. Short hair dries in about three minutes, medium-length hair dries in about five minutes, and long hair dries in about eight minutes. On temperature, our stylish and tech-savvy three-color display allows you to switch between normal (Blue), medium (Orange), and high (Red) temperatures with great ease. Perfect for wrapping up your hair prep in time for the party.

2. Your hair looks great with ease.

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Speaking of ease. Have you ever felt like a failing beauty queen while trying to dry your hair? You watch influencers on social media breeze through glamorous hair-drying routines and wonder why you aren’t achieving the same results. Even worse when the clock is ticking and you have just a few minutes before you have to walk out the door. We understand. That’s why our new H-S160E Fast Drying Hair Dryer comes with smoothing and diffusing nozzles. These complementary attachments allow you to achieve a variety of hairstyles, from voluminous curls to bone-straight hair with great ease. No additional time, effort, or dryer attachments are needed to complete that party hair prep routine. Also, the lightweight handle allows you to style your hair without added wrist strain. All this easeful use frees you up to get that model-worthy hair of yours ready, that pecan pie out of the oven and yourself out the door on time.

Bon Appetit!

3. You save money.

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Let’s face it – hair care can get expensive. Between styling products and regular salon visits, it’s easy to feel like you’re making mini house mortgage payments every month just for hair maintenance. We understand you don’t want to sacrifice hair beauty for a balanced budget. Speaking to the complementary attachments mentioned earlier, you can achieve a variety of holiday hairstyles all with one product. This is a more cost-effective option compared to wrangling between multiple products and weekly hair-care appointments. Even better, because you know your bestie will be expecting a nice gift to go along with that pie at the party.

4. Your party hair prep routine is protected.

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Beautiful hair is protected hair. There is nothing worse than a hair dryer overheating your strands and leaving them looking desert-dry and frizzy. That type of hair is definitely not holiday party-worthy. Here at MelodySusie, we want your holiday hair routine to be a safe one. With that in mind, we’ve included Ionic Technology and NTC Intelligence Temperature Control in our new hair dryer. This technology protects your hair from overheating. So, you won’t have to sacrifice hair care just to finish drying on time. With your hair protected, you can focus on what’s important. That being, looking your best and enjoying the party.

Now, picture this – you’re at Rebecca’s party. Your pecan pie is a hit. Partygoers are complimenting your gorgeous hair.

Aren’t you glad you decided to purchase our new hair dryer? We thought so. Add this new gem to your Christmas Sale shopping cart today!


Written by Tiffany Simone

Tiffany is a writer, teacher, and beauty addict. She believes the best life we can live is a beautiful, well-groomed one.


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Bryan Thomas
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