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Landscaping Ideas for Privacy in Your Backyard

Regardless of whether you have a small backyard or a vast rural space behind your home, privacy is always important. Learning how to maintain your garden and ensure your privacy can be challenging, whether you are new to the world of gardening or not, but with a bit of careful planning and attention to detail, your backyard can become a beautiful, secure space. Outlined below are a number of landscaping ideas to help you create more privacy in your backyard.

Planting Trees

When adding more privacy to your space using trees, it’s important to find the type of tree that suits your needs perfectly. Before buying a tree, you must consider how tall you wish for it to grow, and at what speed. This is important as you may wish to grow a tall tree within a certain time, or you may wish to have a tree reach a certain height for a particular reason. For example, you may not want the trees to grow too tall as this may block out the sun and leave some areas of your garden in the shade.

A brilliant tree for fast growth, as fast as 3 feet in a year, is the Thuja Green Giant. Buying the Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae will add a vibrant touch to your backyard whilst also being one of the best screening evergreen trees out there for privacy, as it can grow as tall as 20 feet. Another fast-growing evergreen for your privacy needs is the Leyland Cypress. This tree can grow as much as 4 feet in a year and is an excellent choice if it is an upright tree that you are looking for.

When choosing the right tree for your backyard, ensure that you have considered the USDA Hardiness Zone for your area and the soil requirements of each tree.


When adding fencing to your garden, it is really important to consider whether you would like wooden, painted, metal or traditional picket fencing. These all have different aesthetics and can change the atmosphere of your garden. They may also require different levels of maintenance, with some fences requiring a lick of paint more often than others.

Don’t forget, you should always ask your neighbors if they have any objections to the fence you’re putting up, especially if you will be replacing a shared fence that you both maintain. While it’s your right to want privacy, it’s also their right to enjoy looking at their own garden.


Sometimes it isn’t just people walking past that you have to worry about, but surrounding windows that look down on your garden from high up. In this case, you might be better off investing in a pergola that has a roof. This will block the line of sight of anyone peering into your yard from above and give you and your guests a feeling of privacy.

Alternatively, if your garden is small and there’s no room for a permanent pergola, you could put up a large temporary canopy during dinner parties. This will provide you with the cover you need during special occasions but still allows you to make the most of the space you have when it’s no longer needed.

Bryan Thomas
Bryan Thomas
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