GardeningMake All Purpose Organic Garden Pesticide Spray Recipe

Make All Purpose Organic Garden Pesticide Spray Recipe

This tutorial of how to make all purpose organic garden pesticide spray recipe is inexpensive, simple to make and helps repel bugs from your vegetable, flower or herb garden.

Make All Purpose Organic Garden Pesticide Spray Recipe

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I am sure if you were to ask anyone what they think that today’s pesticides are made from, you are most likely going to get a bunch of chemical names that they would have a hard time pronouncing them.

The really bad part is that while the pesticide may get rid of the offending bugs, but they can also harm people and or animals. This DIY project will introduce the reader to an all organic spray on pesticide.

Materials needed:

an empty & clean gallon jug (such as a milk jug)

spray bottle


piece of cloth such as a shirt or bandanna

1 gallon cooking pot

2 small onions

1 jalapeno pepper

clove of garlic

dish soap

This gardening project was shared in hopes to help those homesteaders who are looking for an all natural solution to a serious pest infestation. All of the stuff needed to get started and make the pesticide spray can easily be gotten from almost any supply of hardware store. It can easily be prepared and stored for long periods of time and does not pose a health risk to people and animals after an accidental exposure.

Benefits of reading the Make an All Purpose Organic Pesticide From Vegetables

● No worries about any toxic fumes that pose a danger to you, your family or pets

● The project includes a complete list of all the materials, supplies and tools necessary to get started

● The project also included a complete, downloadable plan with a step by step instruction guide

● You will also find numerous full color pictures that will help depict some of steps

Click here to read about how to make all purpose organic garden pesticide spray recipe:

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