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Things to consider when buying used shipping containers

Used shipping containers are a common method of providing both short and long-term storage options. Used shipping containers are really beneficial. Containers are what you need if you require storage or to build a structure. It is commonly recognised in the shipping business that second-hand containers for sale may be as productive as brand-new units while costing a fraction of the shipping container price.

Here are some crucial criteria to consider when purchasing second-hand shipping containers in order to obtain the most value for your money. Check out!

Delivery space

You will need enough delivery space for the storage containers. You should aim for at least twice the size of the container plus around 10 feet in a straight line. There must be sufficient space to avoid any potential difficulties. To minimise any potential damage, there should be enough room for the driver to move and unload the containers. 

Fortunately, eveon containers have a variety of sizes available.


Many container vendors will tell you that a container is only as good as its lock. When it concerns shipping containers, security is frequently the first priority for customers. Locks Typically, two types of locks are available:

  • Outside bolt lock
  • The mechanism for internal locking

If you decide to get an outside bolt lock, be sure to look into all of your alternatives and choose one that is of high quality. Many outside locks can easily be hacked through with a set of bolt cutters. If your container will be kept on a site where security is strictly enforced, an outside bolt lock will most likely be enough.


You should consider the condition of shipping containers before purchasing them. They will be more expensive if they are in good shape, but they will also last longer. However, if they are in bad shape, they may be less expensive initially, but you may have to replace them sooner.

You should also consider how you intend to use the containers. If you’re shipping hefty stuff, you’ll need to have a container that’s in good shape and can handle the weight.


You should insulate your containers for 2 purposes: to preserve your items at a constant temperature and to guard against harsh weather conditions. The amount of insulation required will be determined by the use of the container.

If you’re keeping food, for instance, you’ll need more insulation than if you’re using the container for basic storage. There are several methods for insulating shipping containers, so do your homework before buying a product.


Certain cities may impose limits on the usage of storage containers. Before purchasing second-hand shipping containers, check with your local city or county government to see if there are any restrictions or requirements. For unique projects, you may need to acquire a permit or follow particular zoning restrictions.

There are many different types of shipping containers available, so make sure you find the best ones.

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