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Tiny House On Wheels Amazing Video Tour

This tiny house house on wheels amazing video tour also has 12 huge pictures and even free floor plans to inspire homesteaders looking to downsize.

Have you ever wanted to escape the busy, bustling city life and just sit back for a while in complete silence and peace and quiet? Have you ever wanted to get away from the ringing of the phone, the beep of a new email notification and just lose yourself in the void?

This article is about how one can design their very own vacation home which can become a place one can escape to every few months. Instead of going to spas and five stars hotels and spending thousands of dollars, one can build a tiny vacation home on wheels and take a few days off every few months to come and enjoy the peace and serenity of being close to nature.

The designer who built this fabulous home did so because she had the same concerns as everyone else. However to keep it functional and able to move easily from one place to another the home had to be nine square meters in dimensions and surprisingly, everything necessary was able to fit in it without making things to uncomfortable or congested.

Tiny House On Wheels Amazing Video Tour

Read this article and you will realize how much we are missing out on life by constantly letting things and commodities rule our style of living. Life is so much more easy and simple and just beautiful if one lives closer to nature and not overwhelm themselves with all those gadgets. A brilliant idea, this article will have you wanting a very own tiny vacation home on wheels for yourself in no time at all.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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