Feb 06

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Amazing Weed Killer Spray Recipe & Tips

Every gardener needs an amazing weed killer spray recipe and a collection of tips to draw upon to combat the weeds that are competing with fruit, vegetable, herbs and flower plants for water and nutrients to grow.


* 1 gallon White Vinegar

* 1 cup Table Salt

* 1 Tablespoon Dawn liquid dish soap


  1. Pour white vinegar in spray bottle, followed by table salt and finished up by adding dawn dish soap.

  2. Spray weeds thoroughly for 2 days in a row and watch them wilt and die before your eyes.

The Dawn dish soap strips the weed of it’s natural protective oils so the vinegar can work with deadly force. This mixture is safe to use along pathways, in gravel and in the cracks of driveways. It is perfectly safe around pets (cats, dogs and ect…) but it will kill grass.

Amazing Weed Killer Spray Recipe & Tips

Amazing Weed Killer Spray Recipe & Tips

When you are preparing a meal for family that consists of boiling potatoes, pasta or eggs, anything really – strain the item out but save the water. Take the extremely hot water and slowly pour the it upon the offending weeds and they will die overnight.  Acceptable on weeds in gravel, driveways and sidewalks but basically anywhere you’re not worried about killing surrounding grass and plants.


Be sure to wear gloves when handling weeds, many of them have oils on their leaves that can cause itching on your skin and even swelling of the eyes.

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