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Apr 20

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies On The Homestead

As we head into warmer days the knowledge of how to get rid of fruit flies on the homestead is a reprieve from those persistent annoying pests. I swear that swatting flies and fruit flies becomes a sport in my household during the summer months. Our dogs even get into the action by jumping up …

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Mar 31

Easter Brunch Fresh Fruit Sugar Cookie Dessert

This colorful Easter brunch fresh fruit sugar cookie dessert is an attractive addition to any buffet table that everyone is sure to take a slice of. A variety of fresh sliced fruit layered over a cream cheese frosting set upon a cookie dough crust is always the right thing to serve as a sweet treat. …

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Mar 22

Pineapple Fruit Salad Boat Party Platter

This refreshingly naturally sweet pineapple fruit salad boat party platter recipe is a combination of delicious fruits that burst delightfully in your mouth. Take this simple fruit salad to a party or a potluck and watch guests flock over to get a large scoop for their plate. By serving the fruit salad in a pineapple …

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Feb 02

Healthy Eating and Benefits of Vitamins in the Body

Healthy eating and the benefits of vitamins in the body chart helps share how to find natural sources in everyday foods to strengthen a person’s overall general health.  Sometimes we have certain health concerns and have a desire to try to eat healthier in an effort to correct them. “The food you eat can be …

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Jan 14

How to Grow Muscadine Grapes in Your Garden

How to grow Muscadine grapes in your garden to provide a delicious fruit for your table and food storage. Muscadine is native to the Southeastern United States and can adapt to temperature growing zones that seldom fall below 10°F. Muscadines have a high degree of tolerance to pests and diseases. The fruit production will be …

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Dec 31

How to Save Money on Juicing

Here are some great tips on How to Save Money on Juicing while getting all the wonderful health benefits. Juicing helps the body get all the nutrition, minerals and vitamins it needs in a form that allows for faster absorption.  Buying fresh fruits and vegetables can sometimes seem a little bit more expensive but honestly …

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