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May 11

Homemade Mixed Fruit Infused Ice Popsicles

This homemade mixed fruit infused ice popsicles are made with filtered water ( your ice will be much more clear if you boil the water), sliced fresh fruit, minced herbs and even diced select vegetables. Letting the natural flavors blend as the ice popsicle melts in your mouth without any added sugar. As the ice …

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May 11

Fruit And Veggie Storage Stand

           Nice weekend project making a storage stand to hold your fruit and veggies on the counter close at hand. I love the way this stand looks and that I could reach over on the counter for my things to make guacamole or salsa without having to dig through the fridge. Add in the bonus …

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Apr 20

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies On The Homestead

As we head into warmer days the knowledge of how to get rid of fruit flies on the homestead is a reprieve from those persistent annoying pests. I swear that swatting flies and fruit flies becomes a sport in my household during the summer months. Our dogs even get into the action by jumping up …

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Mar 31

Easter Brunch Fresh Fruit Sugar Cookie Dessert

This colorful Easter brunch fresh fruit sugar cookie dessert is an attractive addition to any buffet table that everyone is sure to take a slice of. A variety of fresh sliced fruit layered over a cream cheese frosting set upon a cookie dough crust is always the right thing to serve as a sweet treat. …

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