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10 Best Things to Put on a Mouse Trap to Catch Mice Fast

Mice are disturbing critters that ever living in your house. Mice can bring many problems in your house. Mice can chew all subtle items like electric cable, food, and even wood that will cause several damages. Moreover, the army of mice can cause health concern risk. They will spread any disease in all over your house through their urines, poop, and dropping.

10 Best Things to Put on a Mouse Trap to Catch Mice Fast
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Therefore, we need to find any solution which able to catch mice in your house fast. There are actually several lethal methods to get rid of these little critters, such as poisoning, snap trap, until natural remedies.

Many people don’t want to use poison since it has many drawbacks. Not every mouse will die when they eat the poison. Besides, the dead mice will cause bad odor while you don’t know where the remains are. The best method that people like to use is setting a mouse trap around the house. To make the mouse trap works, you have to place bait as a lure for a mouse.

Actually, almost every food can be used as a bait. But it will work better if you choose the best thing to put on a mouse trap. Then, what kind of food will serve as a good bait for the mouse?

What is the Best Thing to Put on a Mousetrap?

There is a lot of type of food that will work as a bait for mouse trap. You can even prepare homemade mouse bait from your kitchen stock. The point is, you should use a wider snap trap since the mouse will more likely to spring the trap. Besides, you have to close all the access for the mice from getting food in other parts of your home.

There are several baits you can put on a mouse trap. You only have to prepare a small amount of bait to place on a mouse trap. The size of pea actually is quite enough to serve as a bait. You can choose food which contains high protein and high sugar to lure the mouse such as peanut butter.

It is better to not place one mouse trap in a house. You should place many mouse traps near the nest or around a trail that the mouse walking every night. Therefore, it will give a wide range of choices by providing various meals as enticements.

The best timing to use this method is the first night. It is because the mice are not familiar enough with the mouse trap so they will less cautious. Therefore you have to set out many mouse traps as an advantage of the best timing.

On the following night, the mouse may find tactics to steal bait on a mouse trap without getting caught. They even will share the tricks and tactics to get the bait without getting caught with other mice. You absolutely don’t want this happen right? You should optimize the first night and the following to catch as many as mice in your house.

To make the mouse trap works, you should choose the best mouse bait to lure the mice. These meals are the best thing to put on a mouse trap since they are most favored by mice:

  1. Fresh raw bacon bits or bacon bit that has been cooked can serve well as the bait. Note: don’t use bacon from a can.
  2. Peanut butter since mouse likes the sweet ones. You can use both smooth and chunky.
  3. Chocolate is one of the best bait to put on a mouse trap since the mouse loves this food.
  4. Soft cheese with a strong odor
  5. Pet food can serve well as the mouse bait on a mouse trap. The most effective is cat or dog food that is wet type.
  6. The mouse is very fond to sweet food. You can use sweet candies or other gumdrops as a bait. Choose the softer sweet candies.
  7. A maple syrup
  8. Either uncooked or cooked small slices of hot dog
  9. Nuts or birdseed
  10. Butter that mixed with bits of cracker

The option above is the ten best things to put on a mouse trap that you can consider to use. If the mouse traps don’t work, you can replace the bait with another type of meal. You can also change the model of the mouse traps. Place the mouse traps near the high traffic areas so it will get a high chance of success.

Tips When Selecting The Mouse Bait

You can choose any other food that will serve well as bait. Nonetheless, you cannot randomly choose the food you want as enticements. Here are the tips to select the best thing to put on a mouse trap:

  • Choose bait that has strong smelling bits so that the odor will attract mouse into the trap.
  • Do you know that the mouse has a sweet tooth? Using sweet candy and chocolate as bait is very effective since the mice will attract to the sweet meals.
  • Meals that contain high protein and high fat are a good option as baits. For example, chocolate and cheese are the best trap bait.

Why is The Mouse Bait Being Ignored When The Mice Are Still Around?

Even if you’ve already prepared the best bait for mouse trap, there is still chance the bait doesn’t lure the mice. You may be wondering why the bait doesn’t work. Therefore, you will keep changing the food you used as a mouse trap. But the result doesn’t change. Your bait doesn’t attractive enough for the mice to come.

The real problem actually is not in the food itself. The problem is because you have provided an easier food somewhere else for the mice unconsciously. When the mice already found a desirable source of food in your home, they will not bother to try unfamiliar food sources. Some food that will attract the mouse is food crumbs, birdseed, grass seed, pet food and even pet feces.


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