20 Ways To Become Self Sufficient


20 ways to become self sufficient before ‘the economic crunch’, can help you to be prepared.

Natural News website shares twenty ways to help you and your family become more self sufficient as the economic climate in society become more dire.

As you become dependent upon yourself and less reliant on other sources, you will financially and emotionally more secure.

Ok, let me explain: if you are growing a garden then you are less dependent on grocery stores for fresh fruits and vegetables therefore saving you money. You can save seeds from your harvest to grow the same fruits and vegetables next year without having to buy seeds again….you can do this continuously for years to come.

20 Ways To Become Self Sufficient Before ‘The Economic Crunch’

You will feel more secure over time in your ability to grow tasty food your family will enjoy eating.   Becoming a skilled gardener is not something that can be achieved in one growing season … it takes years of trial and error practice. There is a lot of really good info in this article.

Developing a skill before your life depends on it is essential.

What skills or tips would you add to this list?

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