3 Day Meal Prep Green Smoothies Recipe


Pretty Phenom website shares a delicious green and mixed fruit smoothie recipe that can be prepped days ahead so it is not so time consuming on those busy mornings when your rushing out the door.

Personally, I love to pour my smoothies in a blue mason jar with a lid and ring so I can drink it as I am running errands around town.  I drink out of a mason jar with pride !

My advice to anyone who does not juice or drink smoothies on a regular basis – try this: drink 3-4 smoothies per week for two weeks in a row.  Be honest, how to you feel ?  It is amazing what a small change can bring about such an amazing result. Try not use just fruit in your recipe, even though it is natural sugar…. it is still sugar. Greens (spinach, kale, cabbage, collard greens, beet tops) added to your smoothie recipes bring down the acid state of your body where most illness starts.  Here is the funny part, yes… drink them fast if you can because at first they will not taste great because your probably used to artificial sweeteners.


Click here to read the recipe and watch the video: