Crafts3D Crepe Paper Holiday Door Wreath Craft Project

3D Crepe Paper Holiday Door Wreath Craft Project

This 3D Crepe Paper Holiday Door Wreath Craft Project is a creative fun twist on holiday decor that is perfect for your homestead home’s door, workplace, retirement home room (don’t forget elderly relatives) and maybe as a gift for your child’s teacher. Spread the joy !

3D Crepe Paper Holiday Door Wreath Craft Project

Every holiday season deserves to be celebrated with festive joyful decorations. It is time to get out and dust off all that glitters, sparkles and shines. The center to all holiday season decorations…. is the holiday wreath.

The internet has just tons of ideas that are made with anything from pine cones to feathers. One favorite and very easy to make is the 3D paper wreath that the kids .

Honeycomb crepe paper has long ago shed its kitsch reputation that followed it from 80’s school dances to supermarket decorations that hung precariously above the produce section.

This holiday wreath is easy to assemble with items that are easily acquired on Amazon (great prices) and hobby stores. The complete item is lightweight, which makes it perfect for a hanging decoration or a table centerpiece. It is a bright brust of color and texture.

3D Crepe Paper Holiday Door Wreath Craft Project

Materials needed: 16” diameter styrofoam wreath form, honeycomb palm tree picks, scissors, straight pins, green crepe paper streamer, assorted honeycomb balls in green, reds and pinks

Materials and Tools you will need:

• A 16 inch Styrofoam cut in a circle

• Honeycomb palm tree picks

• Scissors

• Straight pins

• Crepe paper

• Honeycomb balls in your favorite holiday colors and in a variety of sizes

The final design of the wreath is entirely up to you. It is only limited by your imagination and can be customized to the holidays and traditions that mean so much to your family. Use different size balls to give it some depth. You can even decide to place a banner across the top or middle with a inspirational message.

You will love the simplicity of putting this 3D Crepe Paper wreath together, that you may even be tempted to make some to hand out to family and friends. It is also so light that you can send your finished artwork to distant friends.

You can get the holiday cheer started early in your home by getting your children to help you. They will love making it as well.

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