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4 Tips on How to Pack Your Things While Selling Your House

Packing up your things and moving to a new home can be a daunting and time-consuming project, even under the most ideal circumstances. But when you need to prepare your home for real estate showings while getting ready for your new life ahead, the packing process can be overwhelming and seems impossible to accomplish. Fortunately, there are different ways how you can successfully make your home look desirable to potential buyers while securing all your belongings at the same time. Consider the following points.

Consider Getting a Storage Unit

You have a couple of options of how to store your things while waiting for your move. One of them is to ask friends or relatives near the area if they have extra space in their garage or basement to temporarily store your things. The drawback of this option is you need to carry and move the boxes to their home and you need to borrow their house keys each time you need to access your items or store more boxes.

On the other hand, storage units are great options you can consider. They provide a secure storage area where you can easily access your belongings. You can choose one near your home and select a larger unit in case you have bigger furniture to store.

In certain locations, professional movers offer storage solutions as part of their services. In Florida, you can select from a number of moving and storage companies Tampa residents trust that have similar services. One of the advantages of hiring a professional moving company is that storage fees can be included with the moving quote, making it more cost-efficient. Also, movers can transport your belongings as soon as your new home is ready.

Store All Personal Items

If you are like most homeowners, you have likely filled your house with pictures, mementos, and other personal collections that make the space feel special to you but won’t necessarily be appealing for potential homebuyers. Many realtors recommend packing up these personal items before real estate viewings. This can help potential homeowners visualize the space as their own, rather than another individual’s home.


Before packing framed photos, wrap them individually with sheets of newspaper or bubble wrap. Then, place each frame vertically inside the box. For other fragile mementos or ornaments, do something similar and wrap each one with multiple sheets of newspaper or bubble wrap. When organizing these items inside a box, place the heavier and larger things on the bottom. Also, fill any remaining spaces in between with packing peanuts or newspaper to act as cushions that can avoid the items from breaking or getting damaged during transport.

Declutter Your Home

One important aspect of the packing process is getting rid of any unnecessary items. Ideally, you should complete this task before selling your home. But it’s still possible to do when realtors and potential buyers are visiting your house.

You can gradually declutter your home in the early evening when it’s late enough for showings. Each night, select a room or small section to clean. Go through every drawer and closet, and make an inventory of all the items you find. You can sort the things in two separate boxes, one to keep and one to toss out.

Remember that your objective is to reduce the items you will pack and bring to your new home, so be honest with yourself if you really need to keep certain things. If you haven’t used or worn the item for the last six months, chances are you don’t need it anymore. But it’s different when it comes to seasonal objects like winter clothing or holiday decors. It’s best to store them in boxes and get them ready for transport while they are not in use.

Leave items you need for daily life and things you can use to make your home more appealing for buyers. For objects you want to donate or sell, place them in separate boxes. Get rid of broken, damaged, or stained items as well. By eliminating clutter and cleaning your home, it will help potential buyers focus on your home’s best features rather than your personal belongings.

Leave Out Items to Help with Staging

Packing while selling your home is different from simply packing to prepare your move. Apart from leaving out items you will need every day, you need to keep pieces out for display to help you with staging. In real estate, staging means preparing the home for potential by redecorating, rearranging furniture, and other strategies that enhance the visual appeal of the home and present it in the best possible way.

This process means you need to keep certain objects to make your home desirable for potential buyers. These are commonly decorative items but can also include functional pieces that will help visitors appreciate the beauty of your home including:

  • Lamps
  • Throw pillows and blankets
  • Towels
  • Mirrors
  • Rugs
  • Candles
  • Artwork

When selecting pieces for staging, pick out things that work well with your home’s interior or color scheme. Keep in mind to leave items that are appealing to a wide variety of individuals. For instance, if you are lighting a candle, choose one with a light scent that is inviting and not overpowering. A strong scent can distract potential buyers from appreciating the home’s features.

Packing your stuff while selling your home requires a different approach compared to just storing and transporting your belongings to your new home. Aside from packing your things in boxes, you also need to need to make your home appealing to potential buyers. The task can seem overwhelming but it is possible to do. With some planning, preparations, and help from professional movers, you’ll be able to sell your house and move into your new place in no time.

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Bryan Thomas
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