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7 Tips on How to Decorate Your Home Spanish Style

Many people are drawn to Spanish-inspired architecture because of the breezy colors, ornamental details, and sweeping arches that are typical of this style. As a result of the Spanish influences in California and Florida, there is an abundance of these homes in these certain states. Still, Spanish-style homes can be found all over the United States, particularly in warmer areas.

If you’re one of the many people who have fallen in love with this style, you might be interested in crafting an interior that reflects your tastes. Discovering methods to incorporate the architecture of your home in your interior design will make your home feel that much more coherent when you are designing a property with such stunning and distinctive architecture. 

Make your home look like a Spanish dream home by following these seven simple tips.

1. Flooring

In Spanish interior design, carpets are rarely used as a flooring option; instead, a single type of hard flooring is typically laid throughout the entire home, with rugs and mats added when needed. However, if you are sure that you require carpeting, Spanish carpets generally come in beige or cream with green or yellow linear motifs.

Hardwood flooring is the most traditional type of flooring in Spanish interior design, and while it is more expensive, it is a lot more comfortable option than tiles. It also gives your home a lovely look.

It is also a classic complement to any home in Spain. It improves the appearance of a room and increases the value when selling your house. Wood flooring is simple to clean and maintain and particularly durable once varnished.

2. Use Wall Niches to Increase Dimension

Narrow wall niches give the illusion of physical depth to any room they are put in. Moreover, they also provide some emotional depth to a home.

The interior design in the Spanish style pays homage to the house’s origins and the roots of the family who lives there. Hence, the ideal way to accomplish this is by the artistic use of wall niches.

Wall niches are a common feature in Spanish-style architecture. Standard shelves, bookcases, or an area to display artwork can all be accommodated in this small gap in the wall space.

It can be polished off with an old wooden counter to strengthen the Spanish flavor of your home’s decoration. Then beautify it with small vases, books, figurines, or even items found at a flea store.

3. Cultivate Your Outside Living Area

Spanish homes are known for seamlessly combining the inside and external spaces, making your outdoor living spaces much more comfortable to lounge in.  

To further enhance the space’s look, it’s an excellent option to use soft cushions with wicker furniture. With this, the outdoor living area will look and feel welcoming while the furniture can still be able to resist the elements.

4. Make it Healthy and Organic

The use of earthy terracotta colors distinguishes Spanish-style homes. Their natural and warm environment evokes the warmth and natural environment of the Spanish countryside.

There is a heavy emphasis on combining organic and natural characteristics into the home’s design. It helps to ground the sophisticated and expensive elements of a Spanish home while also reflecting the essence of the country’s culture and traditions.

5. Incorporate Traditional Furniture

The intricate shapes and sumptuous curves of huge, traditional furniture pair beautifully with the arches and decorative embellishments of Spanish-style homes and vice versa. You can implement one or two statement pieces to add a sense of tradition to a room or furnish a whole room to achieve the full impact.

Furnishings should be composed of dark wood or wrought iron. By using furniture that is either second-hand or weathered in appearance, you’ll get a truly authentic, rustic Spanish aesthetic.

Hanging Spanish paintings, metal artworks, and intriguing shelving units are excellent ways to include a Spanish influence in your interior design plans.

6. Decorate with Wrought Iron Accents

Spanish-style homes are well-known for their beautiful wrought-iron elements, so consider incorporating a few into your home to create a cohesive look. Unobtrusive wrought-iron railings are excellent options to achieve this aesthetic, especially with rich wood.

7. Curves and Arches

When decorating your home, curves and arches are always a great pick. Placing arches in the Spanish style opens up your home, allowing more space and light. Furthermore, arches have an illustrious and long history in Spanish home design and are a core pillar of any Mediterranean-style architecture.

Traditional Spanish arches and curves help separate your home from a more modern style, primarily defined by straight lines. Arches can help to make your home appear more beautiful and slim. This is true whether they are used in windows or entryways. They are helpful throughout the entire space.

By strategically adding arches and curves into your design, you may also increase your home’s amount of space and light. A well-placed arched window in your bathroom or living room immediately increases available space.


Adding earthy aspects to your home via Spanish-style architecture is an excellent way to achieve a timeless aesthetic for your abode. It incorporates intricate architectural elements that give your home a more three-dimensional appearance. 

But if you’re looking to jazz things up, a renovation or a knock-down rebuild might be something you’d want. So, if you’re interested in renovating or rebuilding your home to fit your interior design, simply visit the Montgomery Homes site. There, you might find the home design of your dreams, be it in Spanish style or something entirely else!

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