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8 Great Gift Ideas for a Lawn Lover

Looking for the perfect gift for the lawn lover in your life but don’t know where to start? The gift options for lawn enthusiasts are practically endless, so that’s really no surprise! Choosing a gift for people who love their outdoor spaces can be tricky, especially if you’re not really a lawn person yourself.

The good news is that yards require some maintenance year-round, so there’s no bad time to give a lawn or garden gift. Before you begin, have a decent idea of what your loved one’s outdoor space looks like and also an idea of their likes and taste. With that picture in mind, read on to find the perfect gift for the lawn lover in your life!

1. A book about lawn and garden care for their area.

Any great lawn enthusiast is always eager to learn new tips and tricks for keeping a well-manicured landscape even if they have a professional lawn care company service their yard. However, many people fail to realize that one of the most essential factors of lawn care is location! Mowing and watering techniques, grass species selection, and timing of lawn treatments are just a few of the many things that vary based on where your yard is located.

Purchasing a lawn care or gardening book that focuses specifically on their state (or, better yet, the local area) is both a thoughtful and genuinely helpful tool you can add to their collection. Be sure to sign the inside cover for that extra personal touch!

2. A new set of gardening accessories.

Lawn lovers don’t usually draw the line at caring for their grass. Some gardening will always be a necessary part of a presentable yard. So although gardening is more important to some than others, every lawn enthusiast is likely to have a set of heavily used and tattered gardening accessories. The perfect items to update for them!

Some items to include might be a caddy, gloves, a kneeling pad, a folding stool, a hat, and some simple short-handled tools like a trowel and weeder. Consider getting matching patterned sets or even getting some of the items personalized to show how much you care. Who wouldn’t love a fresh pair of monogrammed gardening gloves?!

3. Tools for lawn maintenance.

Naturally, lawn care tools are a great gift option for a lawn enthusiast. Whether you know your loved one needs new tools for getting rid of leaves, or for weeding, or a new automated sprinkler system, or a new edger, or even a new hose – you can know they’ll love it and use it.

Any lawn lover will be passionate about keeping their lawn looking green all year round. So why not treat them to a new garden hose pipe? They’ll easily be able to transport water across their entire lawn, to keep it looking succulent all year round.

However, always check first! Find a way to discover what they already have and what they really need. They will likely not appreciate a second blower. If you can’t check their shed inventory, be sure to include a gift receipt.

4. Seed packets or a plant

Just what every lawn or garden needs – more plants! Depending on whether your lawn lover enjoys growing vegetables, flowers, or ornamental trees, select some appropriate seed packets or even a new plant for them to add to their landscape. People who love their outdoor spaces will always appreciate a lovely potted plant as well. Some fresh blood may be just what they needed to spice up their yard!

5. Seasonal outdoor gifts.

Outdoor spaces are one of the best spots to place holiday decor and seasonally-themed items. This gift idea is especially great if a season or holiday is the original purpose of the gift-giving. Not to mention stores are typically brimming with seasonal items for the outdoors.

Options include wreaths, seasonal plants, decorations, flags, birdbaths, spinners, and so much more. However, try to make the gift appropriate for your loved one’s taste. Just because giant inflatables are your favorite way to celebrate Halloween or Christmas does not mean they would love it too. They may be more interested in keeping the yard less cluttered, for example, making a seasonal wreath or potted plant a more practical gift.

6. Gifts to help them up their entertaining game.

Every great lawn enthusiast loves to show off their hard work with some outdoor entertaining! If your loved one prefers to share their lovely landscape with friends and family through barbeques and outdoor meals, consider getting them a set of outdoor glasses, a pitcher, and a tray. Maybe they could use a nice new cooler or a set of insulated cups.

Or perhaps some fun games like a cornhole set would be more their speed. A fire pit or new chairs may be just what the doctor ordered. The options for outdoor entertainment are vast! Try to get creative and keep it personal to your loved one – what could their outdoor space really use?

7. Grill accessories.

If your lawn lover doubles as a grill master, consider making your gift grill specific. They likely already have the cooking tools they need, but there are A LOT of fun and funky grill gifts out there. A classic option is always the apron and grilling gloves gift. You can easily get creative with patterns and personalization on those.

For the grill master who keeps his grill outdoors, perhaps a grill cover of their favorite sports team might be a good choice. If you’re more interested in a practical or sensible grill gift, buy some exotic rubs and spices for your chef to try out. You could also have a set of nice steaks sent to them.

8. A gift card to a local gardening and lawn care store.

For the picky lawn enthusiast in your life, the gift that may be best is a gift card. It may feel like a “lazy” gift, but if you purchase it from a local or specialty store and include a nice card, your thoughtfulness will shine through.

You could also include a specific intention or suggestion as part of your gift card. If you know your lawn enthusiast could really use a new pathway or paved area for a fire pit, say your gift card is meant for all new pavers. A gift card is always useful and is undoubtedly the safest option for people who are a bit more “particular” about their outdoor spaces.

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