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A Guide to Growing a CBD Strain in Your Outdoor Garden

High CBD strains are great for people who are looking to get the most health benefits of this element without dealing with the psychoactive effects of THC. While there are many wonderful CBD strains to choose from, today, to make it easy for you, we’re focusing on the example of the growing process for one of the most popular CBD varieties found on Herbies Seed Shop: CBD Auto 20:1 from FastBuds. 

If you’re looking for a larger selection of CBD strains to choose from, keep reading to check out our selection of the top-performing CBD strains available right now.

How to Grow CBD Strains Outdoors

The process of growing CBD Auto 20:1 strain outdoors is neither too technical nor too difficult, and can be achieved by both beginners and experienced growers.

While not all CBD strains require the same care and nourishment as others do, we’ll go over all the basic requirements and steps needed so you can successfully grow your own CBD strain in your backyard, so stick around to find out how you can go from seed to harvest like a pro.

Growing CBD strains isn’t so different from the process of growing THC strains; the main difference is the harvesting time, but we’ll talk more about that later on.

Let’s begin!

Perfect Timing

When planting a CBD autoflower like CBD Auto 20:1, you have a wider time period to germinate your seeds and start growing because autos take shorter to finish. That’s why you can start in late spring. If you do so, you’ll be ready to harvest by the end of summer.

However, if you choose photoperiod CBD varieties, it’s better to start the plant as early as you can – ideally in early spring. First, grow your strain indoors, then transplant it outdoors when the weather gets warmer. This way, the plant will have enough time for vegetative growth, which will later translate into a larger harvest.


Another crucial step of growing CBD outdoors is to select the right location to position your plant/s. Look for an area with adequate lighting, temperature, and shelter so your plants can be sheltered from harsh weather and can grow uninterrupted.

The area you choose should meet the following requirements:

  • 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day
  • Temperatures that don’t exceed 86°F (30°C) and don’t drop below 53°F (12°C) – this is the ideal temperature range
  • Sheltered from storm and predators (this can be achieved in a greenhouse, by a fence, on a balcony, or by using a temporary tarpaulin)

If you have a spacious garden at your disposal, you can easily find the most suitable space for your plants where they can get enough sunlight and proper shelter to grow uninterrupted. 

However, if you don’t have a garden to grow them in, you can also set up on your balcony/terrace/rooftop or any other similar accessible location.

In Container or In-Ground

Once you decide on the location of your new CBD garden, it’s time to pick the medium in which you’ll plant your CBD seeds.

Both of the available options growers use have their own separate benefits, so in the end, it’s up to you to decide which one to go with.

Planting the seeds in garden pots is more convenient for some, as this gives them more flexibility. Having the option to move your plants around when conditions are not ideal, e.g. heavy rain or extreme temperatures, can help you protect them better.

However, having them planted in the ground allows them to get access to more nutrients and water from the soil, which is something you should take into consideration.


Speaking of water, the amount your plant needs will be determined largely by its size, the type of soil it’s growing in, and the container you’re using. For example, larger plants in warmer climates tend to need more water than smaller ones grown in cooler weather.

The amount of water your plants need also depends on the stage of growth they’re in. During the vegetative stage of their growth, they tend to need more water, as opposed to the flowering stage.

Follow the specific instructions for the particular strain you’ve purchased, as not all strains are alike or have the same needs.


While quality soil typically provides all the essential nutrients your plant needs to start its growth cycle, as it passes through each stage of its growth, it will deplete those nutrients and require more in order to grow to its fullest potential.

That’s why it’s crucial to provide your plant with all the essential nutrients it needs. The main ones include:

  • Nitrogen for when the plant is in its vegetative state
  • Phosphorus and potassium for when it’s in the flowering stage 

Avoid going with all-in-one feeders. Instead, choose nutrient blends that are specifically designed for growing cannabis and uniquely created to fit the needs of your plant in each separate stage of its growth.

That being said, auto CBD varieties like CBD Auto 20:1 require much less added nutrition than photoperiod counterparts, making your job easier. Provided you’re growing in nutrient-rich soil specifically made for cannabis, you might not need any extra fertilization at all!


In comparison to THC strains, with CBD strains, you want to harvest a few weeks earlier than you normally would so you don’t lose that CBD content. What this means is that you need to harvest your buds when the trichomes are still milky white, before they turn amber. This is because CBDA (the form of the cannabinoid before it’s converted to CBD) matures a little earlier than THCA, so in order to get the highest CBD content from your plant, you’re going to want to harvest earlier.

Wrapping Things Up

While we highly recommend giving CBD Auto 20:1 a try, as you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to grow this strain and the enjoyable flavors and effects it provides, you can also check out a variety of other CBD strains the market has to offer, picking the one that suits your needs best. Check out the top 9 high CBD strains you can start growing right now. Alternatively, if you’re looking for CBD strains designed specifically to soothe your soul and body, check out the top 9 CBD strains for pain relief – your next favorite is sure to be there!

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