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Benefits of installing LED floodlights in parking areas

Outdoor flood lights are to light up a wide-open area, which is of some functional value to the public or its usual residents. Parking areas can be native to any building; commercial, industrial or residential. Regardless of the parking space area, which is usually huge in commercial setups and comparatively less in residential settings, they require flood lights. One crucial factor to note is that parking can be indoors in some buildings like basement lots or any other designated floor(s). Still, they require bright lights with a broader beam angle for visibility and to avoid any accidents. 

LED floodlights in parking areas

Outdoor LED floodlights are built to cater specific needs of any such area, and parking areas are one of them. They have several benefits, which are: 

Adequate lumen output

Flood light fixtures are integrated with LED, whose efficiency is measured from its brightness. LEDs have better lumen output than any other light bulbs previously used for brighter light, such as halogen or incandescent lamps. 

The excellent part about LED lights is that they are available in varying lumen outputs regardless of the fixture size, which is beneficial because they are easy to transport, mount and maintain and function. 

The durability of the fixture

The housing of LED flood light is designed, keeping in mind the external factors such as harsh weather conditions. They are made up of light-weight aluminum, which is the fixture’s housing, and it houses all the functional components of the light fixture. 

This is corrosion and abrasion-free and can withstand any change in average temperature. It is also resistant to breakage. The lens is made up of thick glass or polycarbonate material. 

Parking areas are usually open-air and functional all round the clock, which requires durable and efficient fixtures. 

Photocells and daylight sensor

Most of the floodlight fixtures have built-in photocells that charge during the day as the fixture is not used. They also have an integrated daylight or dusk to dawn sensor, which switches off the light as soon as it detects daylight and switches it back on at dusk. 

Mounting options

Floodlights can be mounted in several ways around the source. It has a wide-angle of light distribution, which can be enhanced thoroughly by its mounting options. 

Usually, each floodlight is equipped with a bracket or yolk mount. The key features allow the light to be positioned in any direction for supplemental and general lighting. 

Safety and security 

This light’s primary demand is for safety reasons. They are potent light fixtures that are extensively used in all outdoor environments because they provide artificial daylight-like at night, wards off any trespassers, avoid accidents or potentially harmful incidents, and make the place appear visibly safe secure. 

For this reason, most of the LED floodlights are equipped with motion sensors and security cameras that detect movement within a 1 m radius and light up instantly. This also catches any intruder off guard and even gets them on camera just in case. An extra layer of security is almost always beneficial for parking areas as they aren’t crowded and mostly isolated. 

Low maintenance 

This factor is the most significant benefit to individuals or corporations equally. LED lights are super-efficient and low maintenance. They do not require frequent replacement of bulbs like halogen lamps. They work efficiently throughout their warranty period and barely malfunction unless it’s some power issue or if the components are of low-quality material. Within six months of their installation, one can easily determine the less electrical consumption, which ensures fewer electricity bills and improved overall lighting layout. 

Energy savings 

Energy savings is the most significant accountable factor of LEDs, the reason why they have taken over the industry altogether. The amount of energy that LEDs consume converts 95% of it into light energy and 5% is dissipated as heat, which is the exact opposite of how traditional bulbs function. Even so, they have an efficient heat dissipation system through fins or grid-like openings at the back of the fixture. 


Floodlight features excellent parking area lighting features regarding efficiency, lighting layout, and security, which is significant. Installing them in commercial parking areas is essential and has proven to be highly beneficial for business and safety in the long run.  

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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  1. much better light, but for a city or town with either there crews or the electric utility it is only cost effective to replace burned out lights with new led the citys who changed them all have seen no cost effectiveness. since they replaced serviceable lights.


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