Medical & HealthBeware Infectious Diseases in Recreational Waters

Beware Infectious Diseases in Recreational Waters

Beware Infectious Diseases in Recreational Waters in lakes, ocean, rivers, streams and swimming pools that may be contaminated with disease-causing organisms due to fecal matter, vomit, and blood.

Beware Infectious Diseases in Recreational Waters - The Homestead Survival - Medical and Health

In the summertime, it is popular to take a refreshing dip at the nearby lake, the beach, or at the public swimming pool. However, the water could be contaminated with various pathogens, even the water seems to be clean and maintained. That is the tricky thing about bacteria and disease-causing organisms, they can still cause illness in various ways through the exposure to fecal matter, vomit, and blood that is not cleansed out.

Fecal matter is the most dangerous because it takes just one person to infect an entire area. Those who may accidentally swallow a tiny amount of water will be infected and an outbreak begins. Drinking the water can also cause vomiting, which would bring back up the digested stomach contents that would be the main reason for the infectious disease being spread. With blood, contact with it could result in various diseases being contracted, most notedly the HIV virus. Here are a few of those noted diseases.

E. Coli (strain 0157:H7)

· Giardia

· Shigella

· Cryptosporidium

E. COLI (0157:H7)

E.Coli is a noted disease, affecting the intestines and stomach that lets out a toxin that causes bloody stool, dehydration, nausea, and vomiting. The most common disease parasite is the Giardia Lamblia, which can be found in the waters of many national parks. Symptoms come in after a week of being exposed to it; diarrhea, abdominal cramps, violent vomiting, and large gas comes from Lamblia. The condition dysentery usually comes from the bacteria Shigella, usually contracted from crowded and unclean places like the community pool and drinking water fountains. Finally, there is Cryptosporidium, an organism that can live longer in water and people can be dangerously exposed in the settings mentioned above.

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