CraftsBlack Trash Bag Halloween Spider Web Decoration

Black Trash Bag Halloween Spider Web Decoration

This amazing black trash bag Halloween spider web decoration is a quick and frugal way to spread holiday spirit.

Black Trash Bag Halloween Spider Web Decoration

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One of the most exciting holidays of the year for kids is Halloween. It is a time filled with lots of fun with little or no pressure from anyone. This is when no one restricts you from eating candy in extremely large amounts. However, you might want to get down to work creatively with your hands at this time.

But have you ever thought of creating spider webs to make your house as creepy as possible? Of course, you can do this on your own without necessarily spending money on buying expensive Halloween decoration.

To make a trash big spider web, you will need:

– A pair of scissors

– A Tape

– A trash bag

1. Lay the trash bag out on a flat surface. Create two big rectangles of plastic by trimming off the bottom and the sides of the garbage bag.

2. Cut a perfect square out of each piece.

3. To form a triangle, diagonally fold one of the squares in half and repeat the process two more times.

4. Ensure to cut a few pieces of tape and use them to hold the layers on the loose side as this is slippery stuff. By so doing, the shape will be firmly secured when cutting.

5. Then start cutting “branches” away from the triangle.

6. Ensure to remove any piece of tape when done.

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