DIY ProjectsBuild a Vertical Food Storage Rack for Cans Project

Build a Vertical Food Storage Rack for Cans Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a vertical food storage rack for cans project is a weekend activity that can make organizing your food pantry … easy peasy. This storage unit is perfect for that chest level un-used bare wall space.

Build a Vertical Food Storage Rack for Cans Project

No matter how many cupboards full of mason jars or how many shelves you have, there will always be a need for more. The trick is to be smart about storage space efficiently. Because most of us live in compact homes, we must become creative to utilize un-used areas as a food storage pantry and is quite an innovative idea! You can build multiple vertical storage racks and place on a single wall – floor to ceiling.

The article includes a detailed list of tools and equipment that you will need for this project.
The detailed instructions along with illustrations will make the job easier. To build the racks, plywood is recommended because it is sturdy and long lasting. Building the racks is a relatively easy job and if you follow the instructions there shouldn’t be a problem.

Having a three to six months food supply for all family members (and pets) should be part of every family’s emergency preparedness plan. Natural disasters, job loss, economic collapse, death of a spouse or even a devastating illness of a family member can all cause financial crisis.

One reader’s email has stayed strong in my memory. She wrote that she had built a six month supply of food storage after reading our website articles. Unexpected her husband had a heart attack and passed away. She was able to use her food storage and small amount of savings until the life insurance payment came through. Did I mention she was also raising two of her granddaughters due to her daughter dying in a car accident three years earlier ? Tears were rolling down my face as I read her email. It is communications like this that recharge my batteries to keep moving forward with this website.

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Melissa Francis
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