Off GridBuild An Inexpensive Clothes Drying Rack At Camp

Build An Inexpensive Clothes Drying Rack At Camp

If you spend time camping or hunting or pretty much any outdoors activities where you stay for more than a day then you will probably need to hang clothes to dry weather from rain or swimming or because you have washed them. Instead of spreading them all over camp on the picnic tables or tents, bushes, trees or anywhere else you can hang them build this clothes drying rack and hang the wet clothing on it. Made from sticks and rope it is super cheap to make and you can build it in an out of the way spot that gets plenty of sun to dry out the clothes. Scout Pioneering shares the tutorial so you can be wearing dry clothes at your next camping trip. You might also like  Amazing Tips, Tricks and Techniques For Camping and Cool DIY Camping Projects.


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