GardeningBuild Garden Path Walkway Stepping Stone DIY Project

Build Garden Path Walkway Stepping Stone DIY Project

How to Build Garden Path Walkway Stepping Stone DIY Project is a great way to add accessibility safely to explore your landscape. Using natural materials found in nature, layered, will be detailed in this step by step tutorial.

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First, build the sifter by building a double-screen sifting mechanism with 1/2″ and 1/4″ fencing. The top-level is made with the 1/2″to separate large stones, while the lower level uses the 1/4” on top of the 1/2”.

Next, for rocks and dirt collection, have the top screen on the sifter drop in the center. Under it, place wide planters pair which will catch the dirt and small rocks that get through.

It is recommended to get a safety chain and rig it to hold the top screen up so the rocks don’t just fly up and hit you.

Next, for the edge of the path, make a shallow grove 4″ in length and balance on the first edge, resting a level on that across to the second edge. Adjust the second edge to the level, move it down some feet, and adjust with the elevation towards the end. With the pavers, establish the shape of the path and use the level to have it all on the same elevation.

Plant them the stones carefully; because of the different depths they make and the various thickness and shapes, put the bar on top and grind the paver down till they stop moving and hit flat earth.

Once you have the edging and pavers on even ground, work two feet at a time and start filling in the gaps with gravel to hold everything in place.

Walk along it to make sure there are no sudden bumps.

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